Digital Diagnostics is impacting patient care across the United States and internationally.

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IDx-DR in Action


IDx-DR is installed at point of care locations, increasing patient access and convenience while potentially lowering costs.

dec 12 2018
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IDx-DR in Action

Front-Line Care Providers

Medical professionals are able to provide patients with diagnostic results at point of care allowing for more comprehensive care and same-day specialty referrals. Not only that, front-line care providers have an opportunity for increased compliance with quality metrics and new revenue streams.

IDx-DR in Action

Ophthalmologists & Optometrists

Specialty eyecare providers can utilize IDx-DR to address their patient backlog in addition to identifying patients with disease that would never have been seen otherwise. IDx-DR facilitates more actionable referrals of the treatable disease allowing more time for higher yield procedures.

treating D Retinopathy
jun 25 2019

IDx-DR in Action

Payor Community

  • Cost savings over the life-time of care
  • Prevent blindness through early disease detection
  • 100% compliance for DR alone saves > $5B/year