AI the Right Way

Our approach to developing AI diagnostics:

  • Ethical diagnostic automation
  • Instantaneous diagnostic results
  • Infinitely scalable


IDx-DR is an AI diagnostic system that autonomously analyzes images of the retina for signs of diabetic retinopathy and macular edema.

  • Designed for use at the frontlines of care
  • Immediate diagnostic results at the point of care
  • No need for specialist overread or telemedicine callbacks
  • Image analysis with integrated quality assessment

Every Year, Over 60,000 People Go Blind from Diabetic Retinopathy

How IDx-DR Works


Using a fundus camera, the trained operator captures two images per eye


The images are submitted to IDx-DR


IDx-DR analyzes images for signs of diabetic retinopathy, providing results in less than a minute


Negative for more than mild diabetic retinopathy: Retest in 12 Months


More than mild diabetic retinopathy detected: Refer to an eye care professional

IDx-DR – How It Works | Play Video

Our Approach

Digital Diagnostics’ Approach to AI Diagnostics

IDx-DR was modeled to think like a physician and make decisions based on the same clinical disease detectors that eye care specialists would use.

Immediate Point of Care Results with Follow-up Care Instructions

Within one minute, the operator will receive a results report with one of the following outputs:

Exam Quality is Insufficient

Low-quality images can be retaken while the patient is still at the camera

Negative for More Than Mild Diabetic Retinopathy

Retest in 12 months

More than Mild Diabetic Retinopathy Detected

Refer to an eye care professional

High Performance in a Real-World Clinical Setting

In a 2017 U.S. clinical trial involving 900 subjects with diabetes, IDx-DR demonstrated 87% sensitivity and 90% specificity at detecting more than mild diabetic retinopathy (mtmDR) and macular edema in fundus images.